General Questions

How it works 

1. Selection of goods

The Eugris platform provides you with a variety of ways to select products. You can find the products you want to buy through a search bar or category navigation.

2. Add goods to the shopping cart

You can add items to the shopping cart in the following two ways.

Method 1: You can add the product to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to cart" on the product list page

Method 2: You can add the product to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart" on the product details page.

3. View shopping cart items

When you have finished purchasing products, you can click on the Shopping Cart button to view the selected products. Click "Checkout" to enter the checkout process

4. My shopping cart

Enter my shopping cart, within the delivery area, you can choose to use discount code, coupons, etc., click "checkout" to enter the checkout page.

5. Order submission page

1) Enter the checkout page, choose whether to register a new account, visitor checkout, or login account

2) In the second step, you can directly choose to use the previous billing address, or add a new address if you have already registered Eugris account before

3) Unregistered accounts and visitor checkouts need to complete the registration information in the second part

4) Choose a delivery address

5) You can choose a delivery date and you can also choose to pick up at a nearby pick-up location

6) Choose the payment method

7) On the checkout page, the product amount, address, discount amount, etc. will be displayed. After checking, click "Confirm order"


Congratulations! Your new account has been created!

Click Continue to change or add account information, or view historical orders. 


What should I pay attention to when signing for goods?

When you sign the goods, first inspect the goods to see if the quantity and quality of the goods are correct. If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer support team immediately. 、

How to check the status of orders?

Due to various types of status, we will display the order status, hoping to let you better understand the order status, track it in time, and successfully completed the shopping. The following is a brief description of the order status:

  1. Approved: The order you submitted has been approved, and the order will be automatically sent according to the delivery date you selected or the default delivery date of the system;
  1. Distribution: Your order is being distributed;
  1. Packaged: Our staff is scanning the goods you ordered, and distributing and packing the goods;
  1. Shipped: Your goods are delivered;
  1. Signed: The delivery staff will confirm that your order has been signed in the system after confirming the successful delivery;
  1. Invalidation: If you do not pay your order within 30 minutes or you changed the receiving address after you successfully paid the goods, the order status will automatically change to the invalid state. The invalidation order will no longer be available. If you still want to purchase the goods, you need to submit the order again.

How to view order status

Log in to Eugris platform and check the status of the order in "My Order".