Pigeon breast milk realize nipple 2 pieces
  • Pigeon breast milk realize nipple 2 pieces
  • Pigeon breast milk realize nipple 2 pieces

Pigeon Breast Milk Realize Nipple 2 Pieces (1Unit)

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Product description

Individual packaging sizes: 55X87X50mm
Individual packaging Weight: about 40g
Contents: 2 pcs
Country of manufacture: Thailand


synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)

your use of the breast milk feeling the timing of the guideline]
baby increases the amount to drink by force to drink along with the growth becomes stronger, including the mouth, will increase the amount that can be Cum at one time.

In addition, first, (depression of the upper jaw) less was suckling pit We will continue to spread along with the growth.
If the nipple size in growth is not suitable, not out the amount that is suitable for mammalian (too much much, it is too small), so Musekomu, such as a hard-drinking, you may put a strain on the baby.

Let's choose the nipple size suitable for the baby's growth.
Age is an estimate only.
Breastfed-Experience teat lineup

S (round hole) ... 1 month around May
M (three-cut) ... 3 months around May
L (three-cut) ... 6 months around may
LL (three-cut) ... 9 months or more
LLL (three-cut) ... 15 months or more

nipples, please note that it may tear and pull chewing baby that has grown teeth.
This nipple can not be used except for the following items.
(1) Pigeon breast milk feeling bottle.
(2) Pigeon breast milk consultation room baby bottle.
(3) Pigeon Magumagu baby cup.