To-plan baby and kid cream
  • To-plan baby and kid cream

To-Plan Baby and Kid Cream (110Gram)

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To-Plan Baby and Kid Cream is a natural mild ingredient that is easy to absorb and not greasy. It is weakly acidic, similar to the PH value of the skin, mild and non-irritating, especially suitable for infants with thin skin. Strengthen moisturizing and lock water to solve skin problems such as rough, dry, peeling and wrinkling caused by dryness of baby skin.

Mainly ingredients:
1. Cerimide
2. Collagen
3. Hyaluronic acid
4. Lipidure

1. Moisturize and relieve dryness
- Effectively replenish moisture to prevent dryness, peeling and wrinkling

2. Soothing anti-allergy
- Relieves redness, pain and redness caused by sensitive skin

3. Lock moisture for 24 hours
- Contains a variety of nutrients while locking the skin moisture

4. Moisturizing and protecting, all seasons
- Skin care while improving skin's own protection

How to use:
1. After cleansing, apply evenly on the part of the baby and gently massage until fully absorbed.

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